Malayalam Unicode troubleshooting

Basic instructions:
Detailed instructions: Malayalam Wikipedia
Most comprehensive instruction set: by Viswaprabha

My favourite Malayalam Unicode font is AnjaliOldLipi by Kevin


At Fri May 20, 06:02:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, Now ന്‍് + മ്‌ = ന്മ് . Can you add like this one also in font ന്‍ + മ്‌ = ന്മ്?

At Fri May 20, 06:35:00 PM CDT, Blogger Cibu C J (സിബു) said...

Hi Anonymous,

This is still in discussion phase. And in my opinion, there is flaw to this equation.

At Sat Aug 17, 06:49:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Staklarstvo said...

Hvala za ovaj lijep post pronaći više o Staklarstvo.


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