Saving or printing edited Malayalam document

Convert to HTML or Unicode through File menu. Then an Internet Explorer will pop up with the exported document. Print or Save through Internet Explorer's File menu.


At Sun Jul 17, 08:54:00 AM CDT, Blogger Vipin said...

Whenever I try to open varamozhi, first one MS-Dos window opens up then later varamozhi window and whenever i try to print or to export the file ,the program hangs up if the no. of lines in the programme exceeds about 10/15 lines

At Mon Jul 18, 09:40:00 AM CDT, Blogger Cibu C J (സിബു) said...


Please send me mail so that I can communicate easily.

Are you using latest (1.3.2) varamozhi? If not, please use that.

At Fri Jul 28, 09:05:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I open varamozhi, I donot get a left-right split screen. Also, when I type in manglish, it does not instantaneously appear in Malayalm. Help.
Philip Mathew

At Fri Aug 03, 08:04:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when the malayalam document is exported as html, there are some unwanted spaces & junk characters after a full stop or comma. So, viewing it as a web-page is creating issues.
Pl help me. my email id:

At Fri Feb 13, 09:09:00 AM CST, Blogger sathyam said...

വരമൊഴി ടൈപ്പ്‌ ചെയ്ത്‌ പ്രിന്റ്‌ എടുക്കുമ്പൊൾ വലതുവശം ഒരേ ലെവലിൽ ISM ൽ ടൈപ്പ്‌ ചെയ്താൽ വരുന്ന പൊലെ കിട്ടുവാൻ എന്താണു മാർഗ്ഗം


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