Changing the default behaviour of the editor

Default configuration can be changed in residing in system temporary directory. System temporary directory is typically C:\Windows\Temp or C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings\Temp.

Useful configuration values in a sample file looks like this:

# refresh period in seconds for exported HTML/Unicode page
$refreshPeriod = 10;

# height of the window in characters
$height_chars = 15;

# width of Malayalam window in characters
$mwin_width_chars = 30;

# width of Manglish window in characters
$ewin_width_chars = 30;

This file is in Perl format.


At Sun Feb 13, 12:42:00 AM CST, Blogger പെരിങ്ങോടന്‍ said...

Note: In Windows XP, config file can be found at: X:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Temp.Where X, is your Windows installation drive, and UserName is current username.

Cibu, contents in Temp folder are often cleared, for security reasons. Why don't you try moving config files to more convenient location, like "Program Files\Varamozhi Editor" or something. BTW, these small tweaks were very helpful, thanks!

At Mon Mar 29, 07:56:00 AM CDT, Blogger marry said...

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