Installation Instructions

  • Download Varamozhi Editor for Windows
  • Open/run the downloaded file
  • Click next, next, next, finish :)
  • Varamozhi uses Mathrubhumi (Matweb) font. If you haven't alreadly installed that font, please copy .ttf files from font directory inside Varamozhi installation (typically C:\Program Files\Varamozhi Editor\font) to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts or C:\WINNT\Fonts.
Basic Usage
  • When Varamozhi is started, a black debug window pops up first. Do NOT type anything in this debug console. Soon after that, a white backgrounded window will open and use it for Malayalam editing. If you close the black debug window, Varamozhi editor will get closed and your unsaved work will be lost. So don't do anything with the black debug console until you are done with Varamozhi Editor.
  • Type in Manglish as per this mapping in the left window. You should see Malayalam in the right window.
  • If there are any problems, please see this page answering Frequently Asked Questions.
  • If you couldn't find a solution, please join the Varamozhi mailing list and send in your question. You can expect fast response from a kind varamozhi user.
  • If that is too much a hassle, please send me an email to my id 'cibu'. My response may be bit slower compared to mailing list route.


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At Sun Jun 24, 02:55:00 AM CDT, Blogger RR said...

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